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Do I need a Guitar teacher?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Do you need a guitar teacher? Or can you just learn guitar online?

The answer to this if you are a beginner without prior musical experience is in my opinion …no.

My reasons for saying this are that regardless of how fun and engaging the resources and videos are that are online nowadays they can never give you what an experienced guitar teacher can.

The reason for this is that learning any instrument well isn’t always easy and takes specific help and specific coaching tailored to your individual needs if you really want to succeed. This has been the same process that has worked for 100s of years across all instruments. Learning an instrument is essentially a practical skill best learned through an apprenticeship with an experienced player.

The modern internet revolution has opened a vast array of resources aimed at guitar learning. As a professional guitar teacher for every video I see online aimed at beginners, although often very good, I can always think of 10 subtle variations and different approaches that might be needed to varying different students ages and personality types that the video wont cover. The video also won’t be able to watch you play and actively adapt to what you’re doing. Helping you overcome specific difficulties you’re having and think about solutions to help you progress. It won’t also be able to help you through any psychological and emotional blocks to your progress. I know this sounds deep but is surprisingly a big part of developing towards your goals.

Online guitar resources are also fragmented and rarely follow an all-round curriculum covering all bases teaching you how to succeed in a progressive manner. If you do manage to learn online, you will probably end up being good in some areas but often have big gaps in your knowledge and skills that are left out with most online courses.

The reason for this is for online lessons to succeed in getting clicks they tend to be focused on what’s enjoyable and therefore profitable, rather than what you really need to know to succeed.

Does that mean you should never use online video and other resources? My personal professional opinion is not exclusively in the initial period of learning. What I mean by this is teaching yourself at this level with just videos or even books is not very effective and will either really slow your progress or cause you to get discouraged and give up.

When you are established with a good foundation then these resources can be a great way to expand your repertoire with techniques you have learned with your teacher. Or to revise something you have already learnt. But they are usually inadequate at teaching you all you need to know to succeed at the outset.

A good teacher will be able to guide and gradually work you towards the point where you can manage your own learning, knowing the key ingredients to reach your personal goals and aspirations.

I would add to this however that there are two ways I do think that learning online using video and other resorces as a beginner can be effective.

1) The first being learning online in the sense of Skype zoom or other live over the internet lessons. This can be great if you have found a great teacher who you like but live away from you. The key ingratiate here would be getting a teacher who's experienced with this format and making sure you have good tech so lesson aren't diminished by bad computer connections.

2) The other way that can work is if you join and online video course that also allows you access a to a live teacher who can assess you progress and adapt the video contact to you individual needs if necessary.

If you want to get stuck in a get the results you really desire, then I can offer you individualised apprentice style tuition and coaching through a comprehensive curriculum that will really meet your aspiration to play this amazing instrument. More details are available on my website at

or ring 07369290323

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