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Fundamentals for learning

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Something simple that speeds up guitar learning is to make sure you know your open string names at the start.

Use the poster below to help you with this.

1) Pluck each string say the letter then the word working from top to bottom each day.

2) when this is easy test yourself by plucking any string in any order and see if you and remember what the name of that string is.

3) when you can do this instantly in any order you have it!

I've provided two versions of the poster one being more child orientated and the other more adult. (I must admit I like the child one best!)

Print one put it on your wall near where you practise!

If your looking for guitar lessons in the South Somerset West Dorset area then please check out the rest of this site for more info or contact me on 07369290323

Stephen Butler

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